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Dear Colleague:

I have great pleasure in inviting you to attend the “Rhinoplasty in Seville 2010. II International Meeting”. It's been two years since the first course; we had many attendees, from over ten countries, and the evaluation and review were very positive, what encouraged us to organize this new event. As the previous time, we will try to design a very practical course and highly dynamic. We have met prestigious european surgeons, authentic masters /teachers in the art of rhinoplasty. They will show their techniques: open, closed, primary and secondary rhinoplasty, and how to avoid and to solve problems and bad results.

In this ocassion, like in most courses, we will project video surgery by DVD sessions, thus we will eliminate downtime that occurs in live surgery. This will allow us to have more cases for teaching with the possibility of seeing again some details if needed. Each teacher will show two videos, primary and secondary rhinoplasty, which will display twenty surgical interventions.

The course is designed for every surgeon who performs rhinoplasty. We will discuss interesting topics for young surgeons who are beginning. Also we will show the latest refinements and advancements of experienced surgeons. There will be time for questions, discussion and this will help to promote learning. Participants may have the opportunity to present chosen selected communications.

The course will be held on 12 and 13 November, 2010. Autumn is an ideal time for visiting Seville. Seville contains many tourist attractions which will make your stay more enjoyable. Communications by air and by high speed train (AVE) from Madrid are great. You will find information about the city in

Our greatest reward will be your attendance; it will be an honour to have you among them. We also hope that you will enjoy the beauty and the hospitality of our city.

Miguel Luanco and Yann Levet

Course Directors


  • Know the anatomy of the nose.
  • Learn the basic techniques in primary rhinoplasty.
  • Learn to identify the difficulties that can arise in primary rhinoplasty, their problem and how to prevent bad results. Identify the appropriate rhinoplasty techniques for specific rhinoplasty problems.
  • Identify problems in the secondary rhinoplasty. Learn to solve the most common problems.
  • Know advancements in rhinoplasty.
  • Learn the use of botulinum toxin and fillers.

Rhinoplasty in Seville 2010. II International Meeting (Friday-Saturday November 12-13)
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